About Us

For many years as a teenager and into my adult years, I had become increasingly upset and angry when I see and learn that many children in Nigeria are denied education due to the fact that they are born into a certain economic parentage. I have laid awake in my bed, on a day just like this one and felt myself becoming once again increasingly upset. Not because bills were racking up, not because my health wasn’t where it needed to be, or even because my 25 years long career in Education (of which 14 of those years were spent in the class room teaching) had come to an end. I found myself in bed, frustrated and upset because I knew that there were children all around the world but particularly in the so called ‘Oil Rich Nigeria’ who lived daily with bad health, who lived fragile lives in extreme poverty – penniless, but most worrying, will grow up without an education – the most they may hope for is be great street Hawkers.
BBC Hausa editor Jimeh Saleh says the failure in the education system is due to a lack of government funding
“Government funded schools in Nigeria have practically collapsed over the years because of poor funding leaving children from poor homes with nowhere to go but the streets,”
Education may open doors to a brighter future event create presidential material. It was that my vision to independently the St Agnes & St Joseph school of nursery & primary education was born.
With the help of family friends and church community this, I packed my cases, scraped enough for a one-way ticket, left my children & new born grandson to travel back to Nigeria where I worked tirelessly to bring this school to fruition. I knew without a doubt, that was going to be a mammoth task ahead, that there will be sweat & God knows a lot of tears, but I have been inspired by the benevolence and drive of my dear family and friends to not give up. I have started and cannot turn back now. I continue to work tirelessly to kit out the school, recruit the teachers and open the school doors to the less privileged children of Enugu State in Eastern Nigeria.
This year, with the incredible support from friends and family, alongside the amazing local support, I am proud to announce the base construction has been completed. But now we enter our next stage of the project. All donations, big or small, will go towards completing the furnishing of the school, the purchase of learning materials/games & recruitment.
I appeal and encourage you to join me in this very significant work which will offer hope, opportunity and great new beginning to the children. Let us show them that they are not alone. Let us show them that we care.