Who we are

Joseph and Agnes Educational Foundation is an education charity that exists to make sure that children from vulnerable families and orphans have access to a great early years/early childhood education and real-life chances.

We started with a dream 3 and half years ago

The founder always believed in social justice, with the right approach, every school has the potential to succeed – even those in the most challenging circumstances. Nothing should be a barrier to children’s right to education and life’s success.

We exist to work in the communities where we can make the biggest difference to children’s lives.

Our ambitions

We want to change the lives of children everywhere, not just in Enugu State, but Other states in Nigeria. So, we hope to create and incubate schools designed not only to help pupils in Joseph and Agnes Educational Foundation school, but to contribute in improving education systems as a whole. This project seeks to not only tackle some of the most intractable problems facing children because of immeasurable poverty but is hopes to improve the life chances of the whole family.

We are driven by the belief that every child can succeed if they have the right opportunities

Over recent years, we have seen small positive progresses, from empty farmland space transformed into an inviting play and horticulture spaces to encourage physical and social development. We have converted and renovated an old empty donated building into comforting and comfortable play and learning environment. However, it is only the beginning. We are committed to transforming vulnerable lives through education for not only the child but the family.